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Donor FAQs

1)       What is the purpose of the ezKarma platform?

At ezKarma our vision is to animate philanthropic fundraising and install a culture of every day giving In India. To this end,  we tie the campaigns to highly- aspirational experiences and rewards, thereby making it more interesting for our donors. In the end, we want to maximize the funds that we raise for our partner NGOs and also showcase the critical work they do every day on behalf of those in need.

2)         I want to associate myself with the NGO by my Donation. How can I be a member of the NGO?

Please write directly to the concerned NGO for membership queries.

3)        I want to make sure that the NGO is utilising the money in the correct way. How can I do that?

Please subscribe to the concerned NGO's website, that ways you will receive regular updates on the work done by the NGOs. ezKarma will also periodically post reports made available to us by our partner NGO on our website

4)        How do I know that the NGO has received the money?

As soon as you have made the donation, a receipt is generated and sent to you as the donor on behalf of the partner NGO. 

5)        What are the modes of payments available for donation?

You can complete your donation contributions using:
a. Credit/Debit cards
c. Net Banking
d. Mobile wallets

For details on payment options, please click here  

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1)        How do we get started?

Once you show interest in being an NGO partner with ezKarma by sending an email at, we will reach out to you. Then we conduct a routine background check on the activities of your NGO, and if we find you suitable enough, we can discuss the specific onboarding process on a case by case basis.

2)        What kind of NGOs does ezKarma work with? 

ezKarma is sector agnostic in that we work with good NGOs across different verticals. Our NGO partners are big and small and work across a range of focus areas such as education, women empowerment, health and sanitation, animal welfare, child welfare, and so on. .

3)        Who will be the point of contact for my organisation?

You will be in touch with our CSR team who will be handling and managing your campaign. You can reach out to

4)       Is it mandatory to have 80G or 12A certificate?

It is not compulsory, although it is to your advantage if you have the tax benefit certifications, as the donors may be more inclined towards donating to the tax exempted causes. Kindly inform us of the same. 

5)       Does ezKarma allow foreign funding? Is FCRA required?

As of now, we do not allow foreign funding but do let us know if you have an FCRA. We will certainly allow this in the future and targetting the Indian diaspora across the globe will be a key focus area for us.

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General FAQs

1)     When is the winner announced?

The winner is announced at the close of the campaign. The winner has to claim the prize within 15 days, furnish necessary ID proof and meet all relevant terms and conditions of the Campaign.

2)     When is the winner announced?

Our support team can help you with this. Once you fill out a form on the Support Page, our support team will contact you and understand your situation. Should you still wish to proceed with deactivation, please allow us a time of up to 15 days to take an action. 

3)     There are charges on my card from ezKarma that I was not expecting, what to do now?

ezKarma does not charge you for transactions. Any extra charges that may appear may be fees levied by the bank on your transaction, and we recommend that you follow up with your bank directly.

4)     What is a Badge?

A badge is ezKarma's point. So to put simply, every ? 10 is equivalent to 1 ezKarma Badge.

5)    Bad internet connection affected my transaction, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear this. The payment system should give you an automatic update.  Based on the guidance received, you may attempt again or check your email for the relevant invoice.  

6)     Am I eligible to donate through a foreign bank account?

Unfortunately, you cannot at this time donate using any foreign bank accounts. However, you are most welcome to contribute using an Indian Bank Account.

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Winner FAQs

1)    Can I donate my reward to a person in need?

Yes, you can transfer your rewards under certain restrictions (please check with us) but as per our policies, you have to first claim it for yourself or if you wish to donate it to the NGO itself, you may do so while claiming the prize.

2)    What if the product I recieve is faulty or not working.

We really hope that something like this doesn’t happen in the first place. All the products will be delivered from the third party vendors (like Amazon, Flipkart etc.). So in case of any problems, we will try to get the issue resolved. However, we do not guarantee this as we are restricted by the interventions provided by the third party.

3)    Will I get a bill for my prize, in case I need a service for the product?

Yes, where relevant you will be provided with a gift receipt. However, that may vary from product to product.

4)    When will I receive my reward?

We know you would be excited, so we will try to make it quick! Your order will be shipped within 10 days, from the date of the announcement of winners. Delivery times are subject to location and third-party delivery options. The product should be deliverable in your town.

5)    I did not recieve my reward, what do I do ?

Don't worry! Please email us at and we'll get your prize to you asap.

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