i.         What is ezKarma?

ezKarma is a platform whose mission is to “Brighten Up India”. We provides an online ‘goodness marketplace’ for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiences, products & rewards to support fund-raising for worthy causes in India. We do this uniquely by drawing on the star power of leading brands and influencers. Each of our campaign supports a NGO in India.

ii.         How is the fund raised? And where does the funds go?

We organize different events which are once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (for e.g. have a private dinner with Amitabh Bachchan, win a free trip on the Palace of Wheels, walk the ramp for a Tarun Tahliani fashion show) with celebrities and leading brands. The amount that is generated through these events is donated to the respective NGOs (mentioned in the event page). ezKarma retains a platform fees.

iii.         How do I participate?

Users have to be first logged into the ezKarma platform in order to participate in a campaign. Please ‘donate’ to the campaign(s) of your choice. Each Rs. 10 donation gives you one ezKarma badge which is essentially 1 chance of winning. The more you donate (in multiple of Rs. 10) the greater your chances of winning the coveted rewards.

iv.         Is there any age restriction on participants?

Yes, only those individuals who are 18 years and above can donate in a campaign. Those who are above 13 but below 18 years of age require parental involvement in order to make a donation.

v.         Is it necessary to login for participating in events? Why?

Yes, We want to make sure that the participant is above 18 years of age. This way the participation of those below 13 years (according to our terms and conditions) can be prevented. As mentioned above those between 13-18 years of age can participate but with parental involvement.

vi.         What is the process for selection of winners?

Winners are selected based on lucky draw system at the close of the campaign. From the list of ezkarma Badges that donors have contributed, we randomly select a lucky winner through a draw. We encourage you to donate as much as you can towards a good cause to increase your chances of winning. All this is done through our proprietary algorithm, along with the senior leadership of the partner NGO.

vii.         How many winners are selected per event?

Typically there is 1 or 2 grand prize(s) and smaller prizes. The exact number depends on the particular campaigns. You can check each of the campaign pages for specific details.

viii.         How are winners announced?

Winners get notified by two ways:

1.   Through email on the day of selection.

2.   Through calling them within seven days from the day of selection.

x.         What is the assurance my money is going to the right place?

We will mail you the receipt of the donation generated by the respective NGO. Further at the close of campaign, we publish a certified report from the NGO acknowledging the receipt of funds.

xi.         I don’t live in the city in which the event is being held. Will you organize for my accommodation and travel?

Yes, in general most of our campaigns cover travel and accommodation expenses. However we do ask that you check each campaign for specific information. If you live within the 100Km radius range from the place of execution of event, then you will be provided ground transportation and for greater distance economy class flights will be arranged for you.

xii.         How can I talk to Customer Support Centre?

You may fill the details in the form available at customer support page and we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

xiii.         I am not a resident of India. Can I participate in these events?

Indian citizens whether in India or abroad are eligible to participate. However, we accept donations only through rupee-based accounts.

2.  Making your donation:

i.         How do I donate to an event?

Once you open the event’s page in which you want to participate, click on the donate button then a payment window appears in which you have to select the desired donation amount and complete the payment. An invoice will be mailed to you. You can also find ezKarma badge information with your unique number in your profile’s Badge history page.

ii.         How much can I donate?

There is no limit to the amount you can donate. You are welcome to donate as much as you want. Each Rs. 10 donations will give you 1 ezKarma Badge which is essentially 1 chance of winning. Therefore 2 Badges will give you 2 chances of winning and so on.

iii.         I had mistakenly donated more than I wanted. Can you tell me how to request for refund?

These are considered donations and we do not issue refunds. However, under exceptional circumstances you may Contact Us and we will work with you to find an amicable resolution. Any refund request must be received no later than 12 hours from the time of donation.

3.  Payment:

i.         What are the different modes of payment used for donation?

You can complete your donation contributions using:

a.    Credit/Debit cards

b.   Paytm

c.    Net Banking

d.   Mobile wallets

ii.         Will I get the receipt of the donation made from the NGO?

Yes, each ezKarma campaign is on behalf of a NGO. When you make a donation you will receive an invoice from the NGO stating the amount of your donation.  You should receive this within an hour of making a donation.

4.  Account Settings:

i.         How can I change my profile password?

For changing your profile password, you must go to account settings.

ii.         How can I change my profile image?

A tab with your profile picture is present at the rightmost corner of the website on clicking that tab, a drop-down menu appears. In this menu click on the settings option which opens a page where you can find the option for change picture.

Profile Tab      Settings       Change picture

iii.         How can I change my registered mobile number or email address?

In the settings page you can edit your mobile number and email id.

Profile Tab      Settings