About Us

ezKarma is the creation and vision of our Founder & CEO, Ranjit Rauniyar. Ranjit is a Wharton MBA, a Bowdoin College and London School of Economics grad, and an ex- Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse investment banker from New York and London. For Ranjit’s LinkedIn profile, click here 

The vision and ambition of ezKarma is to take philanthropic fundraising in India to an all-together different level of scale and engagement level through gamification, gratifications and micro-giving.  From donations as little as Rs. 10, donors can win once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, experiences and rewards. The more a donor donates, the higher her chances of winning.

Through this online donations platforms of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, experiences, products rewards that help raise vital funds and awareness for philanthropic causes in India.

In so doing, we are attempting to animate the field of philanthropic fundraising, install a culture of everyday giving and bring to bear the disproportionate influence celebrities and brands enjoy in the country to some of our most pressing and intractable social problems. We think it will help in this important task to bring best practices from the private sector, commerce and initiative, a dose of energy and élan by drawing in leading celebrities/brands and NGOs to come together for THE COMMON GOOD.

We are cause agnostic: we support any good cause from child welfare, education, poverty elimination, conservation, clean energy, gender empowerment, water and sanitation, animal welfare, medical research and so on.

So come be a part of our journey as a donor, dreamer, critic, volunteer, intern, doer, employee, celebrity, influencer, soldier, big organization, small organization, charity, crusader, believer.

Every bit helps. Remember what Desmond Tutu used to love saying, and that which we can’t help repeating:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

This is an invitation to join us in making a difference.

We’re only getting started with our campaigns but with your help, we will be mightier.  You can be sure we are working on some exceptional experiences and rewards in support of the programs of some of the most remarkable NGOs in the country. To be the first to know, we recommend signing up for our newsletter here

So c'mon now, give it a go.  DONATE. WIN. MAKE A DIFFERENCE

There are (and never has been) any prizes or glory in waiting.


Address & Contact Details: 

ezKarma (Quantum Leap Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd.)

Unit no.523, JMD Megapolis
Sector-48, Sohna Road
Gurgaon - 122018
Haryana, INDIA

Landline: 0124-4502451
Mobile: +91-9319761212, +91-9354709668